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Blue-throated Motmot (Aspatha gularis)

Regional endemic, Guatemala Highlands

Easy Birding Travel

Easy Birding Travel and Tours are dedicated to observing birds and wildlife learning about the natural history of the destinations within the Mayan world.

It does not have a target or focus on specific species but rather the enjoyment of the natural environment in general.

Furthermore, this is done at a gentle pace that allows all participants to enjoy observing flora and fauna of the neotropics.

The destinations selected for this type of trip have a tourist infrastructure that optimizes the experience.

These destinations are national parks or private reserves in an environment with different forests where exciting species of birds, mammals, insects, and reptiles live.

Being in the heart of the Mayan world, the cultural aspect proposes colorful experiences through the different expressions of the living Mayan culture.

Easy Birding Travel Ideas

Guatemalan Wildlife

Highlands & Pacific Slope

8 Days Tour Package

Discover Antigua Guatemala, Lake Atitlan, and Los Tarrales Reserve.

Fantastic destinations surrounded by forests that inhabit exciting wildlife species.

Guatemalan Wildlife

Antigua, Pacific Slope & Lake Atitlan

10 Days Tour

Wildlife experience visiting Antigua Guatemala, The Quetzal Biotope, and Dry Scrub Forest.

Destinations that inhabit interesting endemism.

Guatemalan Wildlife

Highlands & Lowlands

11 days Tour Package

Tour package to explore the natural treasures of the highlands and lowlands of Guatemala.

You will visit: Antigua Guatemala, Lake Atitlan, Las Guacamayas, and Tikal.

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Easy Birding

Tour Type

Nature & Bird Photography

Tailor-made Trips

Our photographic expeditions are a way of experiencing nature and wildlife whose main objective is to capture species mainly in their natural habitat.


Wildlife and Nature Tours

Tailor-made Trips

Our Wildlife and Nature Tours in Guatemala and beyond are led by local specialists that have historical and cultural knowledge of the past and present of the country.

Mexican Violetear

Shore Excursions

Tailor-made Trips

Birding Expeditions has selected fantastic destinations to meet the expectations of Cruise Travelers, taking into account the time and distances to fully enjoy bird watching activities.


Easy Birding

Tailor-made Trips

Tour packages and vacations dedicated to observing birds and wildlife learning about the natural history of the destinations within the Mayan world.

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