Wildlife and Nature Tours in Guatemala and Beyond

Our Wildlife and Nature Tours in Guatemala and beyond are led by local specialists that have historical and cultural knowledge of the past and present of the country. They are avid birdwatchers with a proven experience guiding nature & wildlife adventures and also are passionate about showing the history of their country.

Professional scientific and field training have optimized the understanding of the natural world that surrounds them, they have polished his abilities as nature and wildlife guides, offering the best services in Guatemala.

Guatemala is considered a megadiverse country, characteristic that shares with 29 states due to a series of geological, environmental and geographic own factors.

As to flora, it is referred to, the country counts with 7.754 species. This constitutes 46 % of all existing plants in Central America and the 40 % of the total of endemic species of Mesoamerica.

The biogeográfic interoceanic position, the existence of 10 physiographic regions, the different reliefs, an ample altitudinal status that goes from the 0 to 4.211 meters above sea level, and characteristics like temperature, humidity, and precipitation, give as a result of a great variety of regions.

10 physiographic regions, 7 biomes, 14 ecoregions, 66 ecosystems and 14 zones of life according to the Holdridge system.

Results indicate that there are in Guatemala 192 species of native mammals, 743 species of birds, and Guatemala has the most significant diversity of Amphibians Plethodontidae (salamander without lungs) in the world (41 species, 19 endemics.)

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