Photography Tours
Photography Tours

Photography Tours

Guatemala is considered the heart of the Mayan world, there are many reasons to validate it: hundreds of ruins ranging from the classic period to the abandonment in the post-classic, 22 groups descended directly from the enigmatic Mayan culture and its privileged location in the center of Mesoamerica, and the American continent itself.

Natural resources have positioned Guatemala as a diverse country that inhabits in its tropical forests 740 bird species, mammals like the jaguar and tapir, insects, butterflies, and perfect scenarios to freeze the most spectacular landscapes into photographs.
Birding Expeditions customizes photographic tours of nature and wildlife, Mayan culture, living culture, colonial cities, and unique landscapes, among others.

The festivals, which take place throughout the year, are magical moments to capture, among which we can mention: holy week, the day of the dead (November 1st), where the festival of the giant kites is celebrated, Santiago Sacatepéquez, or Las Animas race in Todos Santos Cuchumatan.
Our photography tours in Guatemala, are oriented to small groups, couples, or single travelers.

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