There’s a lot of work to do in the ornithological field in Guatemala, a very simple question has been difficult to answer: how many birds are in Guatemala?

There is more question to respond: how many of them are resident? How many are migratory? Do we have extinct birds?

With the main purpose to have a solid answer to these questions we have reviewed historical records, traveled around the country and made research with modern tools like eBird to have a reliable and updated document about the list of birds in Guatemala.

We found 740 bird species properly recorded in 406 genera, these birds are classified in these categories:

  • Resident birds                    501
  • Migratory birds                  143
  • Transient birds                  37
  • Pelagic birds                       20
  • Accidental birds                26
  • Introduced birds               5
  • Summer resident birds    4
  • Extirpated birds                3
  • Extinct birds                      1


Resident: Bird known to breed and stay all year round in country.

Migratory: Bird is known to stay in the country during winter time.

Transient: Bird is known to occur regularly in the country for a short period of time, during migration journey from breeding to non-breeding territories.

Pelagic: Bird is known to occur in open sea.

Accidental: Bird with a few records in the country.

Summer resident: Bird known to breed in summer months in country.

Extirpated: Bird that is no longer exist in a territory, though it still exists elsewhere.

Extinct: Bird that disappeared completely from nature.


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