Affordable Guatemala Birding ToursAffordable Guatemala Birding Tours
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Mexico Birding Tours

Mexico is known for its gorgeous beaches, delicious food, and impressive ancient ruins. It’s also home to some of the most naturally beautiful locations in the world.

For those who love to bird watch, Mexico offers some incredible destinations that are easy to access and offer the chance to see some of the many spectacular species of birds that call Mexico home.

Over 550 species have been recorded in this area of Mexico, more than half of all species that have been recorded in the entire country.

A popular destination for migratory birds, birdwatching is particularly exciting during the winter months.



Yucatan Endemics Bird watching Tours

This is a Birding expedition designed to discover the endemics of Yucatan and other specialties, visiting nature reserves, archaeological sites and the island of Cozumel.