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Belize birding tours

Located in the heart of the Maya world and bordered by Guatemala to the west and south, Mexico to the north and the Caribbean to the east, Belize is the only one English speaking country in Central America.

Possesses a land area of 8,867 square miles (22,965 km2), most of the territory is flat coastal plain just broken at the south by the Maya mountains that reach an altitude of 3,688 feet (1,124 Mts.). And a few low hills at the northwest side of the country.

Tropical rainforest, rivers, lagoons and hundreds of small cases within the second largest barrier reef all together inhabit about 600 bird species that are a perfect destination to discover the tropical avifauna.

Belize Tour Packages

Belize Birding Expedition 10 days / 9 nights

  • Day 1: arrival – la milpa ecolodge
  • Day 2: la milpa ecolodge
  • Day 3: la milpa ecolodge
  • Day 4: crooked tree
  • Day 5: crooked tree
  • Day 6: caye caulker
  • Day 7: caye caulker
  • Day 8: hidden valley inn
  • Day 9: hidden valley inn
  • Day 10: transfer to the airport with a stop at belize zoo


Day 1: Arrival – la milpa ecolodge and research center

Meet & greet at Belize international airports and depart to Rio Bravo conservation and management area. A night walk for owls will be available for those interested.

Day 2 - La milpa ecolodge and research center

birding at la milpa archaeological site, top location in Belize to find the rare crested eagle and other large raptors. Spider monkeys play in the canopy and are a favorite meal for crested eagles.  lodging at la milpa

Day 3 - Rio Bravo conservation center

birding around Rio Bravo conservation and a management area for species such as crane hawk, great curassow, and the brightly colored ocellated turkey.

lodging at la milpa

Day 4 - Crooked tree

birding around blue creek rice fields for several migrant waders and ducks.
after lunch departure to the crooked tree
lodging at bird’s eye view lodge

Day 5 - Crooked tree

Crooked tree wildlife sanctuary tour on a boat in search of the jabiru stork, snail kites, black-collared hawk and dozens of ducks, egrets, herons, and waders. lodging at bird’s eye view lodge

Day 6 - Crooked tree / Caye Caulker

Sunrise birding on the western lagoon and the edge of crooked tree village in search of typical savannah species such as the Yucatan jay and yellow-headed parrot. After lunch, we depart to Belize city and continue by collective boat to Caye Caulker.

Day 7 - Caye Caulker

Birding around Caye Caulker forest reserve for species such as clapper rail and rufous-necked wood rail and common black hawk. Along the beachfront, we might find godwits and brown boobies, as well as waders skimming through for small crustaceans.

Day 8 - hidden valley inn

departure from Caye Caulker in a collective boat to Belize city and head to mountain pine ridge with a stop at green hills butterfly ranch for about a dozen hummingbirds. hook-billed kites and gray-headed kites have regularly been spotted at this spot too.

Day 9 - hidden valley inn

Birding around the hidden valley private reserve for rare raptors such as the orange-breasted falcon, king vulture, solitary eagle, stygian owl and aplomado falcon. In the afternoon we head to Rio Frio cave for encounters with blue-crowned motmot, orange-billed sparrow, and golden-crowned warblers. Montezuma oropendolas, rusty sparrow, and plumbeous kites can frequently be seen along the way as well.

Day 10 - back home!

breakfast and transfer to belize international airport with a stop at the belize zoo.
end of our services

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